Landscaping Services Woburn MA

If you search for Landscaping Services Woburn MA, you will find Cliffstone Corp, a local landscaping company servicing Woburn MA and the surrounding towns. At Cliffstone Corp, we specialize in full service landscape design, installation and maintenance in order to create the best looking product for your residential or commercial property.

About your Landscaping Contractors 

Cliffstone Corp is a experienced landscaping company that brings over 40 years of experience to each job. With every job, no matter how large or how small, we offer the same superior level of quality and professionalism:

  • Our foremen are registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as licensed construction supervisors.
  • We only employ well-trained, skilled, and licensed landscapers and masons, who can handle everything from delicate plantings to high-traffic hardscaping.
  • We follow all state codes and local building requirements.
  • We use the gold standard when it comes to safety protocols and procedures.
  • Our staff pursue annual continuing education seminars to enhance their abilities and to stay current with industry innovations.

Professional Landscaping Services in Woburn MA

Our extensive list of landscaping services include:

  • seasonal cleanups
    • Keep your property well maintained and healthy by hiring Cliffstone Corp for a seasonal cleanup. 
  • mulching and edging
    • Keep pesky weeds from your plant beds and protect fragile roots with a professional mulching and edging job.
  • shrub trimming
    • Keep the look of your property in top shape by having Cliffstone Corp trim your shrubs
  • irrigation systems
    • Keep your lawn and garden as healthy as possible with proper watering. 

Cliffstone Corp installs new lawns and replacement lawns for homeowners near Woburn MA. We provide hydroseeding and sodding landscaping services for new lawn installations. Hydroseeding is a quick and economical method of creating new lawns by spraying a slurry of seed and mulch over a large area. It’s ideal for new homes, areas disturbed by renovation, and places where wind or runoff makes conventional seeding difficult. 

At Cliffstone, we source our plantings and landscaping materials from top area suppliers, including Woburn Concrete, Landscape Express, Northeast Nursery, Mahoney’s Garden Center, McCue’s Garden Center, Swenson Granite, and Cavicchio.

The team at Cliffstone Corp is ready to give you the perfect yard you have always dreamed of. A Cliffstone designed and installed yard will keep your landscape attractive, increasing value, curb appeal and exterior views from within. 

Contact Cliffstone Corp Today to Get Started

Are you ready to take your residential or commercial property to the next level? Contact the experts at Cliffstone Corp for professional landscaping services in Woburn MA today. Request an estimate by calling us at 781-933-7782 or request an estiamte online today.

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